Mesajul meu după câștigarea premiului Europarlamentarul anului 2013 pe sănătate

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The fight against cancer is as fierce as the illness. However, the hope of beating it, no matter how small the chances, will drive you unconditionally.

My concern for cancer patients, those suffering of multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s, and the medical system in the European Union is due to a deep belief that a healthy society is a happy one. We are only as strong as our weakest link and nothing makes us more vulnerable than illness. It takes away our freedom, our independence, our joy as we are handcuffed by symptoms of suffering, lack of purpose, and despair. What is truly unfortunate is not that we have not discovered yet a cure, but that we don’t make the most of the technological discoveries available and that patients have a better chance of survival depending on the member state they live in. My efforts in the field of cancer and other incurable diseases are fuelled by a strong desire to improve the quality of life of those who might have given up hope on it. I think we can significantly improve the survival rate by intensifying our efforts and collaborating together, patients, doctors, researchers, and policy makers.

When I heard of my nomination, I was overwhelmed by the recognition. One can only hope that he will impact the people he tries to help, but to be acknowledged for your efforts is a very heartwarming experience. Going from nominee to award winning MEP, however, is not only an honor, but a responsibility which I intend to fulfill fervently. For the development of medical care in Europe, it is vital for politicians to get a better handle on healthcare policy. The written declaration on multiple sclerosis I put forward promotes equal access to treatment and flexible employment policy for people suffering from this disease which accounts for more than 600,000 patients in the EU. People with MS suffer a drastic change in life style, having to leave the work force within three years after their diagnosis, impeding them to advance in their careers and lead a normal life.

I want to thank once again all the people who supported me and believed in my initiatives such as European Multiple Sclerosis Platform and my colleagues who voted for me. Six month after winning the MEP of the year award for Health, my ambitions in raising awareness on these issues and battling cancer, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s have increased. I want not only to meet the expectations patients and medical organizations have entrusted me with, as well as my colleagues, but to exceed them by initiating better health policies and making health truly a competence of the EU.


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